How to Give Someone Elf Ears and Vampire Fangs in Photoshop

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As if the Internet doesn’t have enough weird fetishes floating around, here’s a quick tutorial for beginners on how to give someone elf ears and vampire fangs in photoshop.

For this tutorial, I’ve used a stock photograph of the beautiful American model, Valerie Hatfield.

Those interested in her work can contact her here.

  1. Open your image in Photoshop
  2. As always, duplicate the background layer before anything else.

  3. Highlight the ear. This can be done rather easily using the quick-select tool (alt+click to remove from selection).

  4. Now warp the ear (edit->transform->warp) to your liking.

    (Note that you may have to remove part of the ear from the background. See any tutorial on removing objects from images – you could, for example, simply copy and paste a piece of hair over the old ear)

    That takes care of the elf ears – now let’s give her vampire teeth as well. We could use the same technique we used for the ears, but that leaves the tooth looking flat and two-dimensional; I prefer a technique which causes the tooth to affect the lips as well.

  5. Select the tooth in the same way you selected the ear.

  6. Now, using the lasso tool, add to the selection (by holding shift) a small portion of the lip and chin just below and around the tooth, as so:

  7. Open the liquify window (Filter->liquify). Using the forward-warp tool and a brush about the size of the tooth, drag the tooth downwards. Try to do it one one swift motion, using undo (ctrl+alt+z) to go back as many times as necessary.

  8. Select the Reconstuct Tool on the left, and use it to give your tooth a point. You may want to lower your brush density and experiment with different reconstruct modes (under ‘Tool Options’) to get it just right.

  9. That’s it! Here’s what the finished tooth looks like:

    And, after a few more tweaks, the final image:

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  1. Web Design Company says:

    “Thats cool..but doesnt suit for a pretty young lady like her.


  2. Raphael says:

    Looks like you elongated the wrong tooth. *g*

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